Project and Developement Financing for Czech Clients

Project and Developement Financing is a long-term loan facility designed for properties developed for rental purposes (including purchase, construction, renovation, and completion). Payments will primarily be generated from the rental of the property.

Key Benefits

A facility for financing properties developed for rental purposes.

  1. Interest Rates from 2.99% p.a.

    Attractive and competitive interest rates.

  2. Terms Up to 20 Years

    We offer 5-year terms that can be extended up to 20 years.

  3. LTV Up to 80%

    An exceptional offer on the market.

  4. Very Competitive Fees

    No hidden fees, straightforward and transparent.

  5. Fast and Individual

    Quick approvals and tailored conditions.

  6. Broad Security Options

    Using residential, commercial, or other property.

FCM Bank part of SAB Group

Countries where we operate
Malta, the UK, Czechia, Slovakia
Years of experience
in financial services
Funded entities
in the Group
billion loans
provided by the Group

The Right Solution for...

  • Financing the development of property for rental purposes.
  • These projects involve the acquisition of property that in turn is expected to yield rental income (cashflow generated from rent contracts).
  • Some projects involve a combination of development for resale and rental purposes (purchase, construction, renovation).


We are here to help

Do you have any questions? Our team of specialists is at your service.

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