FCM Bank Employees Plant Indigenous Trees and Visit Verdala Castle

Thursday 5th November 2015

As part of their on-going Corporate Social Responsibility campaign, FCM Bank employees recently organized a tree planting ceremony in Dingli in collaboration with the Tree 4U Campaign (34U).  

FCM Bank Team 

Twelve indigenous trees were sponsored and planted by the employees in the Ta’ Zafrana area on the Dingli Walking and Heritage Trail.  The Tree 4U Campaign gives an opportunity to individuals, NGOs and companies to plant indigenous trees in afforestation areas around the Maltese Islands.  Four different tree species were planted: the Judas, Cypress, Olive and Sundarac Gum Tree. Each is endemic to Malta and will help to continue enhancing this part of Dingli, an area that has become popular with both local and foreign visitors.


“Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) features highly on the agenda of FCM Bank with its main focus being the conservation of the beauty of the Maltese Islands” said Mr John Soler, Chairman of the Bank.  “The initiative taken by the Bank’s employees is indeed commendable.  In terms of value the sponsorship is not high but it makes the Board proud when it sees its employees taking such a worthy initiative. The Team showed that it has a big heart” Mr Soler concluded.


Speaking during the ceremony, Dingli Local Council vice-mayor Mr Raymond Scicluna said: “We chose this particular part of Dingli because it was recently turned into a recreational spot, with plenty of greenery and benches for relaxation. These extra trees will continue to make a huge difference to the locality and its environment. We are very grateful to FCM Bank and its staff for their support and for giving a good example.”


Following on from the tree planting ceremony, the employees were invited by Mr Neville Ebejer, from the PA.R.K. Directorate, on a private guided tour of Verdala Castle to raise further funds for the Malta Community Chest Fund. The group toured the Castle; the original walkways built by the Knights of St John and also explored the beautiful gardens surrounding the property.


During the visit Mr. Ebejer gave details about the on-going works being undertaken by the Ministry for Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change aimed at rehabilitating the woodland. This project is known as the Life Saving Buskett Project and is financed by the EU.


This proved to be an unforgettable experience to all and encouraged the FCM Bank Team to organize similar events in the future.