Fixed-Term Deposit

3.58 % p.a.

Fix your investment return with our Euro term deposits and benefit from higher quaranteed rate up to 3,58% p.a. from April 1st 2024 inclusive.

Interest Rates

Term EUR (€)
1 Year 3.00 % p.a.
9 Months currently not on offer
6 Months 3.58 % p.a.
3 Months 3.58 % p.a.

Terms and Conditions apply. Interest rates are gross of tax and correct as of 1st April 2024.
A minimum deposit of €2,000 is required. Further details on our products and services are available upon request.

More About the Products

Individual care

Your private banker provides you individual care and a personal approach while maintaining the strictest confidentiality. Your banker also has a perfect overview of financial products while helping you create an investment strategy and providing you with objective information about the financial market.

Protected savings

Your savings and deposits up to €100,000 at FCM Bank are protected by Malta’s Depositor Compensation Scheme (DCS). Any deposits above the €100,000 limit are not covered.

You are our partner

We listen to your real business needs and offer a discreet financial partnership.

Key Facts about FCM Bank

  1. Maltese Bank

    Headquartered in Malta; holder of a Maltese banking licence since 2010; regulated and supervised by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) and European Central Bank (ECB).

  2. Trusted Partner

    Moderate growth, marking FCM Bank as the most progressive corporate local bank.

  3. Business Focus

    The core business of the Bank is corporate lending with particular focus on real-estate financing.

  4. Long–Term Commitments

    We are building better Malta. We are financing development of more than 1,000 new apartments and houses. We also strive to provide support and collaboration to our clients and employees ensuring sustainable growth and success.

  5. Other Markets

    We are operating in Malta, Czech Republic, and Germany.

We are here to help

Do you have any questions? Our team of specialists are ready to assist you.

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