Working Capital Loan

Working Capital Loan is a short to medium term loan aimed at financing the normal operation of a client’s business related to the day to day business activities e.g. stock purchase or to fund the gap between maturity of receivables and payables. The funds obtained can be used for business activities directly related to the operations of the enterprise (purchase, production and sale of its products/services) or for the refinancing of previously provided operating credits.

Key Benefits

Used to finance a business’s day-to-day operations.

  1. Interest Rates

    Attractive and competitive interest rates.

  2. Annually Revolving Loan

    This facility can be annually renewed based on business performance.

  3. LTV Up to 90%

    An exceptional offer on the market.

  4. Very Competitive Fees

    No hidden fees, straightforward and transparent.

  5. Fast and Individual

    Quick approvals and tailored conditions.

  6. Broad Security Options

    Using residential, commercial, or other property.

FCM Bank part of SAB Group

Countries where we operate
Malta, Czechia, Slovakia
Years of experience
in financial services
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billion loans
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The Right Solution for…

  • When you need a short- to medium-term loan to cover day-to-day business operations. (e.g. stock purchases, funding the gap between the maturity of receivables and payables, etc.).
  • Financing of ongoing operational needs (purchase, production, and sales of products/services).
  • Refinancing of own resources used to finance the company’s operations. 


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