17. 3. 2022

Central Bank of Malta Directive 14

Central Credit Register

This Directive lays down rules concerning the obligations of the Bank, credit institutions and the Malta Development Bank to provide information in relation to the Central Credit Register. Furthermore, the Directive sets out the rules on the rights of access to the information held on the Register by the Bank, credit institutions, the Malta Development Bank and credit reference agencies and by other institutions as stipulated in article 24(4). This information, including personal data, in relation to any exposure, will be made available on the Central Credit Register for the purposes of this Directive, and may be shared with credit reference agencies for the issuance of credit scores.

Request for Information by Natural or Legal Persons

Counterparties, or their lawful representatives, requesting to exercise the right under article 24(3) of the Act to have an extract of the information kept on them on the Register, shall first submit such a request through an online form available on the Central Bank of Malta website or by sending a written request by registered mail, and subsequently make an appointment with the Bank, whether virtually or physically as the Bank may direct, presenting an official identification document in case of a natural person.

The lawful representative should also present his official identity card, passport or similar official documentation and proof, to the satisfaction of the Bank, of a power of attorney or other certification confirming that he is authorised to act as the counterparty’s representative. The said extract of information shall comprise the details indicated in Annex I of this Directive.

A request by a lawful representative of a legal person shall be accompanied by a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association or the Statute of the legal person, and, if necessary, a board resolution clearly identifying and authorising the representative to request the extract. These documents shall be certified and dated by a professional, such as an advocate, notary, accountant or a bank official.

For further information please refer to Directive-14.pdf

FCM Bank Team

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