Free your cashflow

Reduce your monthly business loan repayments by 20%*

Keep costs down by reducing your monthly repayments.
No upfront fees when switching your loans.
Sanction letter is issued within one month.
We offer personalised support to customers.

About us

About FCM Bank

About FCM Bank

FCM Bank is a Maltese credit institution specialising in corporate financing solutions, foreign exchange services, corporate and personal deposits. We believe in helping our clients succeed using individual approach and building close relationships where we become a trusted partner. Your success is our goal.

Why bank with us?

  1. The Best Solution for You

    We select the right products and services to meet your goals and preferences.

  2. Quick and Simple Processes

    We will immediately handle all administration after agreeing to a plan of action with the client.

  3. Exceptional Individual Service

    Your personal banker is at your disposal, ensuring you are constantly provided with updated information on your requests/existing facilities/new applications.

Free your cashflow

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